Jaycie L.


They start out as a egg for 4-19 days. Then a mealworm for 2-3 months. Then a pupa for 9 days. Then a darkling beetle a few months. It only molts 5 times as an mealworm.


They eat potatoes. It eats apples. It eats oatmeal grains. It eats carrots. When they are adults they eat other insects smaller than them or that are dead or alive.


They have a pronotum. They also have an thorax and an head. As an adult it has 6 jointed legs.


They start out as an egg. They hatch and they eat grain where they were born. They are the color white as an egg. They are not protected by the moms because the moms die.


1.The eggs are the color white.
2.they are the color white when they are out of the pupa.
3.they mate in spring.
4.they lay eggs in spring or atum.
5.they have 6 jointed legs.