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Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to take a moment to wish all of the mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, aunts, big sisters, and motherly figures a Happy Mother's Day. Mothers hold a special place in my heart because I had a mother (a single mother for a number of years) that nurtured me, worried about me, guided me, modeled for me, and supported me through numerous situations. She was there for me when I needed her and knew when to step back so that I would gain my independence and confidence as a young adult.

Raising my sister (Joy) and me took a lot of patience, stamina, and sacrifice. And I'm sure like many, it was not until later in life that I realized all that my mother did for me.

Around the age of 18 I started asking my mother more about my childhood and what things were like growing up. I didn't realize the number of ways that my mother sacrificed in order for Joy and I to have a "normal" life. I learned that she would often buy two ears of corn on the cob and eat the left-overs kernels after we would finish our meal. She often went to garage sales to purchase "new" clothes so that Joy and I to participate in athletic teams and musical endeavors. She often went without in order to keep our house, enjoy one simple vacation a year, and have some money set aside for college.

Look around, think back, and ask. How did your mother sacrifice for you? Things may be a little different now but I would be willing to bet that mothers still sacrifice in a variety of ways in order to provide for their children.

So if you have a loving female in your life, thank them, praise them, and spoil them this weekend. I hope you all have a nice Mother's Day and enjoy the weekend together.

I love you Mom!

Attention 8th Grade Families!

The 8th Grade Farewell date has been finalized and will occur on June 8th. Please watch for more information to come home after our booster meeting on May 15th. Tickets will be sold during lunches and there will not be tickets available for purchase on the night of the event. As the event gets closer please remind your 8th grader to be on time to class, be a positive role model while at Carleton, and receive passing grades in order to earn the privilege of attending this incredible event.

If you are interested in volunteering for the event please contact Laura Davis at 586-549-7229 or email at to donate your time and talent.

Parent Survey

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Events for Your Calendar

May 15 - Home Track Meet, WMHS

May 15 - Booster Club Meeting, 6pm Media Center

May 18 - Home Track Meet, WMHS

May 26 - Half Day, Dismissal at 11am

May 29 - No School, Memorial Day