J.C. penny

a family company?

Sweatshops for the company

There has always been a problem with the use of sweatshops in companys around the world and how the conditions of that sweatshop are for the workers. the conditons are actually horrible, theres no way that they should be used in America or anywhere to be honest. in this presentation ill be explaining how bad conditionds are and other contraversal problems within this subject.

How the workers are treated.

In this sweatshop the workers are pretty much slaves, forced to make all the items without a choice. They're treated horribly, all they can eat all day is old potatoes, sometimes not even that. They were paid very little to none. They went on strike once, so the people running the shop turned off the electricity, making the already hot shop unbearable to be in. Then they decided to make an example of one woman so that the other workers knew what would happen next time, so they gauged her eye out with a plastic pipe. So that kinda tells how horrible life was for those workers.

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