Marine West Coast

United States and Canada

Type of Vegetation

There are mosses and trees in the marine west coast there are also flowers. It is a temperate evergreen forests which means that many species of pine and oak trees live there. There are wildflowers and roses in evergreen forests.
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Type of Wildlife

There is a wide variety of animals the live in the marine west coast. Like foxes live in the Evergreen forest like many other animals. Another animal is a deer, which eats a lot of grasses and shrubs that grow in the forests. Squirrels Live in the trees and eat the acorns to survive in the evergreen forest. An uncommon animal that lives in the forest is called lynx. Lynx eat food such as rats, moles.

Type of Activities

They like to chop off trees.
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What kind of Housing

They can life in cities or in floating houses.
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What type of Clothing is used?

They use summer Clothing.
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Description of your climate region

The climate is generally warm (but not hot) summers and cool (but not cold) winters, with a relatively narrow annual temperature range. The temperature when it is cold is normally 30` or less. When it is hot it is about 72`. The precipitation is normally 30 inches of rain while others can receive 98 inches in 150 days or 365 days . The Marine west coast has two seasons summer and winter. The locations are washington, oregon north california and in canada is british columbia.

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