English - My Favorite Subject

Learning Objective : To Know The Importance Of English

How Did English Language Come Into Picture ?

English is a West Germanic language that originated from the Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain by Germanic invaders and/or settlers from various parts of what is

is now northwest Germany and the Netherlands. Initially, Old English was a diverse group of dialects, reflecting the varied origins of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Britain. One of these dialects, Late West Saxon, eventually became predominant.The English language underwent extensive change in the Middle Ages.

Why Is English Important?

English is important since it is a well known language and has frequently been referred to as a world language. Furthermore, English is the international language of diplomacy, banking, computing, medicine, business, science, technology, aviation and many other branches in today's society.

Why Do I Like English ?

English is the basis of our ability to communicate with one another. English has taught me numerous skills and has helped me to become an analytically minded individual, changing my perspective on various issues. English has contributed to my overall growth as a young person, as it has showed me the many points of views, ideas, and beliefs of the human population. English has opened my eyes on many issues, and helped me to develop skills, intellectually as well as theoretically.

Why Do I Like My English Class And The Teacher?

My English Teacher Is Premy Shashikumar. She is one of the best teacher's I've ever had. she is amazing and really fun. I always look forward to her classes. She is always open and frank with us. She Doesn't look like a teacher, she looks really very young. I wish I have a teacher like this every year. I really think of me as a very fortunate and blessed person to have her in my life.