Jay Ko 3rd Period


Singapore is an amazing is an amazing island that is made up of 58 smaller islands and Singapore island. It lies of the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore has a total population of 5,183,700. The city of singapore is the capital and takes up much of Singapore island. The city of Singapore has one of the worlds busiest harbors. Singapore's many factories make high-tech goods, machinery, chemicals, and paper products.




Singapore is a small, diamond-shaped island in the Southeastern Asia, having Malaysia and Indonesia as the neighbors for Singapore is set in their betweens. Singapore lies just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. To its north, linked by the causeway, stands Malaysia. It is about 137 km north of the Equator, while the size of Singapore is 42 km long and 23 km wide.


Singapore's climate is typically tropical, humid, and sometimes uncomfortable with rainfall. But whenever you get used to the tropics, you won't feel that discomfort. The temperature rarely drops below 20° C (68° F). During the daytime, it usually rises to 26° C (80° F), where as the evening temperature is only slightly lower.