Classical Conversations of Kenmore

Week 13 Wrap Up!

Hello 2016!

Welcome Back!! Everyone was so excited to be back at school today! I was wonderful to see the joy and hear the laughter ringing through the church - even if it did take more effort to keep the kids focused! Isn't it a blessing to be the ones chosen by the Lord to bring the wonderful gift of education to our own kids? Let that thought sustain you through the ups and down of the coming months. Whom the Lord calls, he equips!

May he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen. ~~Hebrews 13:21, NLT ~~

For Week 14:

Family Presentation: Sherbinski

Red: Nursery

Orange: Playground (12:25-1pm)



Blue: Fellowship Hall Cleanup

Purple: Kitchen/Bath

Suggested Kid's Presentation Topic: New Testament Story or Parable

(Remember, the topics I list are just idea starters. Kids can always bring or talk about anything they like. The point is to get them comfortable with speaking in front of others - the topic is not important!)

Classical Chat #6

Classical Chats #6: How Do I Inspire the Fire?

Community Announcements:

  • I'm looking for tutors and subs for next year! Please consider whether you'd be willing to serve as a tutor next year - it's a (lightly) paid position! I've put an event on our calendar for January 18th, 8pm for appetizers and chatting, at the LFP Neighborhood Grill. Please shoot me a quick email if you think you'll come, so I can get a big enough table! Again, this is not a commitment, just interest.
  • CC has pushed enrollment back to February to ease the financial strain coming after Christmas, but I will accept enrollments from now until the end of February. Only the registration fees are due now - $85 for the first child, $55 for others. I highly suggest a 4-6 month payment schedule to get the rest of your tuition paid before the deadline of July 20. I'll include info with your invoice. This year I will be adding late payment fees.
  • HERE is a link to the online registration form - password cc2016returnken (all lowercase). This form is for returning families ONLY, please do not share this password with anyone else - I have a different form for new families.
  • Public registration opens in March, and I will NOT hold current classroom seats once public registration begins. If you want to try and find a community closer to your home, I encourage you to begin emailing other Directors now to see if they will have space. Tell them I send you with a blessing if you can be closer to home!

Encouraging Video:

Perfect for this time of the year, when parents are preparing to enroll students aged 9-11 in the "Essentials" program in the fall. I have read through this book as well as The Core, and it was very encouraging to ME, even with Abby only being 7. It helped me to see that many of my ideas about how school 'should' be going were right - Abby just isn't at this stage yet! Highly recommended!
Introducing "The Question" by Leigh Bortins

Upcoming Events:

  • Mon, Jan 11, 7pm: Mom's Coffee Night, Kenmore Starbucks
  • Mon, Jan 18, 8pm: Tutor Interest Mtg, Snacks & Drinks
  • Mon, Jan 25, 10am: Children's Museum - Medieval Exhibits, $7 ages 1+, pack a lunch. Email Tina to RSVP by Jan. 20.

Week 13 Specific Links: