DeStress and Decompress

October is over!

Our special week is coming soon!

Are you ready Negley faculty and staff? We are almost over the October slump. Your Sunshine Committee would like to invite your to a week of relaxation and rejuvination. We are hoping you will participate in at least some of these activities. We can't be good for others if we aren't being good to ourselves. Devote a little time to your mind, body, and soul.
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Tea-rific Tuesday, November 1st

  • Pajama Day! Sleep in and wear your pjs to school.
  • Stop by the lounge for some herbal tea from the tea bar.
  • Clothespin challenge. Pin a clothespin on your shirt. Try to refrain from saying anything negative all day. If you happen to slip, the person who heard you can take your clothespin. The staff member with the most clothespins at the end of the day wins a prize.
  • Start your 30 day Happy Teacher Challenge. Mark anything off the list.
  • Grab a coloring page and color while you have your tea and treat.

Workout Wednesday, November 2nd

  • Stop by the gym at 3:10 for a game of Hungry Hippos. Even if you don't want to play, you know you will want to watch.
  • Grab a bouncy ball from the jar and bounce it in the hall any time you want.
  • Either do a GoNoodle with your students or start of your conference with a few dance moves with your team.
  • Mark something that involves movement or health off your Happy Teacher challenge.
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Theraputic Thursday, November 3rd

  • Stop by the library and help yourself to a satin hand treatment.
  • Bring your slippers to wear to work.
  • Turn on some relaxing music while you work in your room today.
  • Bring a container of your choice and make a Zen garden. All other supplies will be provided.
  • Find something on the Happy Teacher challenge that will make you feel more at peace.

Fantastic Friday, November 4th

  • Sign up for a massage in the office. This is the only event that is not free of charge.
  • Put something (or many things) in your "Worth It" box. This will make more sense on Friday.
  • Join your co workers for happy hour at ......
  • If you don't have a good book in your life, find one today or this weekend.

Meditate Monday - November 6th

  • Bring your Yoga mat and meet after school in the library for yoga with Amy.
  • Play some relaxing music while your students are working today.
  • Find a scripture or quote that speaks to you and put it on your desk. It can even be on a sticky note.
  • Do a Go Noodle from the FLOW channel with your kids. Set up the expectation that it is not the time to be silly. Some of us just need to chill out a little.