By: Josh Treisch

Andrew McCutchen vs Bryce Harper

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Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen is a Major League Baseball player who plays on the team that calls themselves the Pittsburgh Pirates. At the end of the 2013 season the MLB along with the public decided Andrew would be named the 2013 MLB MVP for the East region.

Some of his stats are:

GP: 157

AB: 583

R: 97

H: 185

2B: 38

3B: 5

HR: 21

RBI: 84

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Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is a Major League Baseball player who plays on the Washington Nationals and is number 34. He came into the league after high school. He was noticed by the MLB by a video posted a while back. It was of Bryce Harper in a high school home run hitting contest in Tropicana Field (the home of the Tampa Bay Rays). He hit the ball so far that he hit the score board above the right field pavilion.

Here are some of Harper's 2013 stats to match up against McCutchen:

GP: 118

AB: 424

R: 71

H: 116

2B: 24

3B: 3

HR: 20

RBI: 58


As you saw I gave you background information about both players then gave you stats from the same year (2013). You probably noticed that McCutchen's stats are a little higher than Harper's. This is because i 2013 McCutchen was the MVP. Now you can see the difference between a Major League stud and just a good player and the determination it takes to get to that level.

PAULIE! PAULIE! PAULIE! (Paul Konerko's Career)

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Starting a long time ago (1994) Paul Konerko was drafted to a team we know as the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was soon traded to the Cincinnati Reds then in 1999 he was traded to a team and to a stadium that would eventually would be shouting PAULIE!!! PAULIE!!! PAULIE!! every time he was up to bat. He is to my baseball knowledge the one of the only ones to play 15 years for the same team. In 2014 he retired from the amazing sport of baseball along with his number (14).
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After Retirement

Paul Konerko retired himself and his number. Not even a year after his retirement he was awarded the Comcast Sports Net "Lifetime Award". Broadcasted all over the US he was awarded this amazing award. He gave a speech probably his last one. The Comcast Sports Net wanted to make sure that all Chicago White Sox fans do not forget the happiness that man brought to city of Chicago. Overall now you can see the determination Paul had to become one of the best Chicago has ever seen.

Carlos Gomez Injury

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Getting Beaned

Carlos Gomez is a Major League Baseball player who plays for the team in Milwakee. The Milwakee Brewers. Earlier he was hit in the head with a baseball. Just think of that for a moment. The head with a hard ball going 80+ MPH. He was immediatly hepled off the field with the trainers on the job that day.

Lucky Break

Despite his injury kept playing baseball. His injury was said to be a minor concussion. That must have been really hard. I couldn't imagine having to throw up while up to bat. I would probably just stay home but that is not what Gomez did. That shows you that Carlos Gomez was, in this situation, determined to keep playing baseball. For the good o the team.

Yasiel Puig

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Yasiel Puig is a Major League Baseball player who is on one of the many (4) California baseball teams. The Los Angeles Dodgers. He is a kind of new player with a lot of skills. He is the Dodger's right fielder. He is number 66. He is one of the best Cuban Baseball players. Puig and a fellow teammate visit patients with a major disease. Leukemia.

The Visit

Because of Puig's amazing skills he inspired a lot of kids with Leukemia. I am sure that those kid's life forever. He also inspired adults and parents across the country as well. That shows people that someone who has a lot of power in society can effect someones life. Mostly positively. This also shows that Yasiel is determined to cheer up those kid's lives and make them happy, at least more than they were before the visit.

Major League Baseball MVPs For The Last 3 Years

The Chosen Ones

Overall you can see that MVP's in the MLB are chosen for a specific reason that only some players have in their asset of skills. The players I showed you had to work through blood sweat and tears to get to where they are today.

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