Supt's Scoop

Edition #11, November 14, 2016

A message from Dr. Manno

Dear BCSD Families,

As we have all watched the media coverage of the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, and the varying resulting public reactions, we as educators have focused our attention on our students.

While rumors are often exacerbated by social media, the number of negative incidents in BCSD as a result of the election have been relatively small, and have been addressed immediately. We are proud of the behavior and kindness of the vast majority of our student body and are fortunate to have a leadership team and staff committed to providing a safe and healthy climate for all students.

On Thursday morning of last week, we did experience some incidents of unkind behavior and inappropriate remarks between students. Both the middle and high school principals addressed their student bodies on Thursday morning, clearly stating our expectations about how we treat each other as members of a school community. As a result, the afternoon was calm and uneventful.

Dignity for All is the hallmark of New York State public schools. It is a priority for the Bedford Central School District. Your child’s physical and emotional safety and security are our top priorities.

Please encourage your child to engage others in a manner that reinforces the dignity, respect, and honor they too deserve. Our message to students has been that freedom of speech and expression does not constitute freedom to incite, antagonize or bully others. If your child experiences any of these, please encourage your child to seek out their counselor, a trusted teacher, administrator, or another adult in the building.

It is our obligation to provide a safe, respectful, and dignified environment for all of our students. I communicated with each of our principals on Monday afternoon and each reported the schools were calm and uneventful. Our principals are open to parent feedback. Please feel free to call any of them with specific concerns. Also, feel free to reach out to me directly with additional questions or concerns.

In Service,

Dr. Chris Manno

Superintendent of Schools

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