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* 2016 Magnolia Run & Walk in Atlanta, GA *

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Team Angels Of Epilepsy is super excited about the 2016 Magnolia Run & Walk for Epilepsy that will be here in Atlanta, GA at Perimeter Mall. We hope to get more people on our team to walk or run with us for this great cause on Saturday, August 20, 2016....

The Magnolia Run is EFGA's (Epilepsy Foundation Of Georgia) longest running fundraiser, supporting those living with epilepsy here in the state of Georgia for 33 years. EFGA cannot express their gratitude enough to the entire epilepsy community!

Go to and join us at this fun event for this great cause!

* Carrie Dansby: A War On Epilepsy *

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Carrie spend every day fighting a potentially life-threatening battle with a monster called epilepsy. She states that some days she win and some days she lose.

"Despite everything epilepsy throws at us, we don’t give up. We fight long and hard. We cry when we have to, but we grab our armor and get back up. That’s one thing about epilepsy – it makes us warriors. To fight a disability like this, we have to be. Epilepsy may knock us down, but it can’t keep us there. With your love and support, we will always be able to get back up. "--Carrie Dansby

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* Are doctors to blame for the prescription drug addiction epidemic? *

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It’s estimated that 54-million teens nationwide are abusing prescription drugs, according to the Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force’s 2015 report. It’s a deadly trend doctors are blaming on a lack of resources and poor communication.

Regardless of age, social class, or race, patients are getting hooked on prescription drugs at alarming rates. It’s something that happened to Tom Cole. He lives in Ionia with his wife, Sarah. Tom and Sarah run a program in Ionia that helps those struggling with addiction. It’s called ‘True Freedom’. They often spend time wandering the city streets, praying over those who need it most.

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* AOE's founder Natalie & her documentary "This Is My Life" *

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Many people are waiting to hear Natalie's testimony and life experiences. Not just her life living with epilepsy but life challenges she faced during her childhood years, becoming a single mother, surgeries, loses, gains, and so much more.

Natalie and Lead Media Company is in the middle of filming her documentary and she hopes that it will encourage so many around the world.

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* Latest blog from Changing Focus - Epilepsy Edition - Whitney Petit *

* Do you need some beautiful, delicious treats for your next party? *

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AOE thanks you Chef Kimberly Bryant & "Adonai Desserts" for your support for epilepsy awareness!

* AOE's upcoming events & appearances *

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* Do you know about The Seizure Diary? *

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