Every Friday Note

October 1, 2021

Weekly Update!

Welcome to October! It's hard to believe that we are already coming up on the end of the first quarter in just a few weeks. Our theme for the year, unofficially, has been from the book of Romans 12:5 "So we, though many, are one body in Christ." Over the past few weeks, I have been including a survey for parent's to fill out indicating their nationalities so that we can celebrate the many different parts of the world that are represented with our student body. If you have not done so, please complete the survey, at your convenience, which can be found further down in this newsletter. God has given us so much and it is truly a blessing to be at St. Lawrence to experience the blessings that each person provides for our school as a whole.

  • The 8th grade had their annual retreat day at St. Lawrence today. This is such a great opportunity for these leaders to refresh their desire, willingness and abilities to walk with Christ.
  • We welcome Emily Perry back to our staff. She will be working with the 4th and 5th graders in math using an innovative program called Dreambox. We have already experience a lot of positive results.
  • Homecoming is this Sunday! A ceremony to honor our 8th grade football players will begin at 12:30 PM. The Cadet game will begin at 1 PM. The 5/6 grade game will follow. The 8th grade concession stand will be open! Come support our 8th graders as they earn money for their trip to Washington D.C.
  • We are asking for your continued support and help as we continue to navigate through Covid. If your child is ill and experiencing symptoms of Covid please keep him/her and siblings home until Covid is ruled out and notify the school.

School Lunch Box

Our students reaped the benefits of the local fresh fruit and vegetable season in September with 3 new salads on Try-It Thursday: Strawberry-Spinach salad, Greek Salad and Antipasto Salad. All highlighted the versatility of salad greens when topped with fruit, peppers, tomatoes and our homemade dressings. Ask your child which salad they liked best.

This week we served a new menu to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month: Glazed Chicken with Cuban Rice and Beans, Pineapple/Cantaloupe/Mango Salsa, Cornbread and Watermelon with Tajin. One student complimented the cafe staff by saying it "tastes like my Mom's". Thank you. It's the ultimate compliment for a school kitchen!

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Fall Break (October 18-22)

The 1st quarter ends on Friday, October 15th, with a 1:00 pm dismissal. This also kicks off our Fall Break. The school office will be closed.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher conferences will take place on Wednesday October 27th and Thursday October 28th. A Sign Up Genius will be distributed to sign up for times to meet with your child's teacher.

Nationality Survey


We are conducting a survey at St. Lawrence to celebrate our diversity. Your participation is needed and is anonymous. In order to better understand our students and their immediate family, we would like to know where in the world we are form. Which countries are represented in your household? For example, I was born in the USA, my wife was born in the USA, and my son was born in the USA.

Estamos realizando una encuesta para celebrar nuestra diversidad aquí en la escuela de San Lorenzo y su participación es muy importante y será anónima. Esto lo estamos llevando a cabo con el fin de comprender mejor a nuestros estudiantes y a sus familias, y para esto nos gustaría saber en qué parte del mundo nos hemos formado. ¿Qué países están representados en su hora?
Por ejemplo, yo soy nacido aquí e los estados unidos, mi esposa nació en los estados unidos y mi hijo nació en los estados unidos.

Attendance Policy

Our school day starts at 7:25 am and ends at 3:15 pm. During this time, instruction is taking place. Tardiness and early pick up, although at times necessary, interfere with the required instruction time for your child. Consistent tardiness or early departure greatly hinders your child's ability to learn and become proficient in the required standards set forth by the state of Indiana. Please be supportive of our family handbook and honor the arrival and pick up times to ensure that your child receives the very best education possible.

A note to this. If you are late arriving on a Wednesday or Friday, which are our scheduled school mass days, please take your child to the church prior to 9:15 am.

Curricular Material Assistance Form

Earlier this week, a green form was sent home with your child that needs to be returned. This allows for textbook rental assistance. Please be sure that you return it as soon as possible.

Summer Pandemic EBT

Last year, many families received extra money from the government. There is a separate deposit for the summer that should be loaded to your account already. A parent pointed this out to me, as I am still learning many of these things, and I am so thankful that they did! Here is information from the state website.

Summer P-EBT is for all students determined eligible to receive free and reduced meals for the 2020-2021 school year. This issuance is for ALL National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program students and ALL students that attend a Community Eligibility Provision school. Students and their schools do not need to participate in a summer school program to receive this benefit.

Benefits will be loaded to existing P-EBT cards for each eligible child. A new P-EBT card will be issued to students that have not previously received any type of P-EBT benefit.

Thank you Sarah Stephens for pointing this out to us. In her research, she wanted me to share this with you. Here is a link with some information: https://www.in.gov/fssa/dfr/dfr-policy-changes-and-actions/pandemic-ebt/

Quite a ways down on that page there is a place to click on if you need to change your mailing address or request a replacement card. Hopefully, you will find what you need and will be pleasantly surprised!

Covid 19 Updates

In an attempt to provide even more transparency about how the school is interacting with Covid-19 in the school, I will start to include numbers school wide for the past week. I will continue to send communication through Jupiter as I have done all along as it pertains to your child and their class. However, this will be a general count for the entire school. I will only include the numbers of cases that apply to our students or quarantine information based on exposure from the school. For example, if a student is on quarantine because a family member, or a person outside of the school, identified them as a close contact, that information will not be offered. If a student is on quarantine based on exposure to a fellow student or teacher at St. Lawrence who has tested positive, that will be included.

For the week of September 19 - October 1:

Confirmed Positive Results: 0

Quarantined students: 1

The governor passed an executive order stating that close contacts who have been exposed to a positive Covid-19 case at school will only need to quarantine if they are experiencing symptoms.

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