Hunger Games Revolution

The revolution that occurred in The Hunger Games books is post apocalyptic united states, no longer called the US, but Panem. All the people in the country revolted and the Capitol formed, now there is the hunger games to remind the people of Panem that the capitol is always in control. Until Katniss Everdeen stepped forward in the Hunger Games. She was different and everyone loved her, she hated the Capitol so then the started to revolt against them and fully overthrew them in the 3rd book

Egyptian Revolution (2011)

From 1981 to 2011 Hosni Mubarak was in power under emergency law with his son Gamal to be a likely successor for the presidency. Protests in Tunisia caused by death of Mohamed Bouazizi turned into a revolution. Also the death of Khaled Saeed in 2010 became a similar protesting point for activists in Egypt. Increasing activists on social media made plans for a nationwide protests on Jan. 25th 2011. Millions protested in major cities across Egypt. This went on and the government eventually agreed to a reform and promising not to run for reelection. The protesters, were not satisfied. By February 8 there were calls across the nation for Mubarak's resignation. On February 10th, Mubarak gave a speech and was expected he would step down. Anger erupted when he stated plans to give up only some of his power. By the next day, February 11th 2011, he had resigned.

The American Revolution

13 Colonies against britian