Matt Thomas

What is a Cartoonist?

A cartoonist is someone who writes and draws funny little cartoons that you read in the newspaper like Calvin & Hobbies and Snake. They can also draw comic books which are a bit harder to draw but much better like Sonic the Hedgehog and Marvel Comics. They can also draw concept art for games. For example, on the left is a character that was drawn, then processes through a computer then put into her game. She is Shantae and her game is Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.

What skills do you need to be a Cartoonist?

The skills you need to be a cartoonist are...

  • Great Imagination
  • Good Drawing skills
  • Good Team Work
  • Persistence
  • Plus more!

What Qualifications do you need to be a Cartoonist?

There’s no set career path for becoming a cartoonist. The way I see it is get a day job then do cartooning in the afternoon. There are a bunch of ways that count as cartooning. Take editorial cartoonists, for example, work for magazines and newspapers, using their comics to comment on current events. Cartoonists also create greeting cards, illustrating everything from birthday to get-well cards. They work for publishers, creating comic books, graphic novels, book illustrations and concept art for Video Games. On the right is a sketch of a Gym Leader in Pokemon, Flannery.

What are the OHS's of Cartoonists?

There are some OHS's of cartooning. Some include sore backs, numb bum, sore fingers, pins & needles and more. Try not to activate these symptoms. The hurt!