This Week in Fourth Grade

March 23-27

SBAC Testing

If you have not registered to take your SBAC test, do so NOW! Ask your mom or dad to check their personal email for registration information. Make sure you get the testing location and dates that work best for your family. Also, several of you have asked for the links to the recordings to our SBAC Prep classes. We are working on compiling all of those recordings for you and I will send them to you via kmail.

Extended Day Classes

We will be extending our extended day classes for two more weeks. If you would like to attend March 27th or April 10th from 1-3 p.m. at the NVVA offices, please let me know or RSVP using the link you received from Mrs. Albrecht. We have some very fun activities planned!

Spring Break

Spring Break is next week, so there will not be any classes. However, if you are behind in any of your subjects, you should keep working! Progress Reports will come out after Spring Break. Looking for somewhere fun and educational to go during Spring Break? Check out the Spring's Preserve!
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Contacting Me

You can reach me via kmail or by phone at 702-407-1825 ext. 7209.