The Jag Journal

January 2023

A Message from the Principal

Dear Jag Families,

We pray that everyone had a restful holiday. We are jumping in to a brand new year full of excitement and opportunities! We are excited to continue our focus on connection and serving our community well.

Report Cards will go home on Friday, January 13th. We hope you will review those grades with your students and to set goals with them as we move into a brand new 9-weeks. Encourage your students in the areas they are doing well - and offer suggestions and support for areas where they are having struggles. Make contact with your teacher if you need further assistance or have questions.

Our character word for January is Sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a trait that encompasses great qualities which shape students into an outstanding team member on the field or in the classroom. Sportsmanship includes playing fairly and respecting others.

We will host our 2nd Community Connection Event for Families on January 26th. Our focus will be on Executive Function Skills. If you feel like your student is struggling with one or more of these skills, join us for some practical advice and time to collaborate with other families who may have similar struggles. We will meet in the school cafeteria and light snacks and childcare will be provided (5:30-6:30pm).

We look forward to another fantastic month at JPE!


Lauren Kennedy, Principal

December Recap! So much fun!!

Important Upcoming Dates


6 - Students return to school

10 - Last day to order JPE Sweatpants/Sweatshirts for 2022-2023 school year

11 - Music Club Meeting - pick up at 4:00pm.

13 - Report Cards go home

16 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No school

19 - Alternate Dress Day - FCS is sponsoring Mighty Moms - minimum of $2.00

25 - Smoothie King Day ($3.00 due 1/24 in School Cash)

26 - Community Connection for Parents (Executive Function Skills)


7 - Interim Reports go home

14 - Jump Rope for Heart Day

16 - Class Picture Day (Pre Paid Pics)

17 - Krewe of Kindergarten Parade (Jag Fest)

20-24 - Mardi Gras Break


1 - No School for Students - Teacher Professional Learning Day

Community Connection is a new series for Parents and Caregivers as we improve the culture at JPE and in our Community!

Community Connection: Executive Function Skills

Executive function skills are essential to a child's growth and learning ability. These skills begin to develop during early childhood and continue to progress until adulthood. When our students struggle with executive functions, we must help them to build these skills. Lack of these skills can be a sign of something more significant.

Executive Function Skills

Adaptable Thinking - Adaptable thinking gives the child the ability to problem solve or adjust to situations when necessary ad overcome instantaneous obstacles. This skill also applies to a child's ability to see things from someone else's perspective. A child who exhibits this type of cognitive thinking isn't stumped by every day hurdles or a difference of opinion.

An example of adaptable thinking: a child who encounters a roadblock on their way to school and devises an alternate route.

Planning - A child's ability to think about the future, create a plan of action, and prioritize the different working parts is a strong sign of cognitive development. Planning skills allow a child to make a list of operations designed to effectively accomplish a task and to adequately determine which aspects are the most important.

Some examples of planning: making a packing list, giving directions, or writing a recipe.

Self-Monitoring - Self-monitoring involves a child's ability to self-evaluate or comprehend how well he or she is performing a specific task. Self-monitoring helps children track and reflect on their progress regarding a specific assignment and understand that adjustments may need to be made to accomplish the task at hand.

An example of positive self-monitoring: a child identifies that a mathematics formula isn't producing the desired results and checks their work to discover the answer.

Self-Control - Self-control addresses a child's ability to restrain from physical or emotional outbursts. Impulse control keeps a child from reacting or acting without thinking, while emotional control helps a child remain calm and resist the urge to overreact or shutdown due to criticism or obstacles.

An example of effective self-control: A child receives a disappointing score on a test, but maintains focus and absorbs the constructive criticism while staying level-headed and learning from the mistakes.

Working Memory - Working memory involves a child's ability to retain and store learned information and then later put it to use. This skill is crucial to a child's success in the classroom, as it is responsible for short-term memory and execution.

A strong working memory is exhibited by a child who successfully remembers and executes the instructions for a step-by-step drill in gym class.

Time Management - Time management concerns a child's ability to properly organize a schedule, complete tasks on time, and maintain patience throughout assignments. Time management is imperative for a child in an array of scenarios as it facilitates the ability to jump from task to task and enhances productivity.

An example of good time management: completion of a multi-step project before the deadline without rushing or compromising on quality.

Organization - Organization skills address a child's ability to efficiently arrange materials or thoughts in an orderly fashion. Organization is vital to a child's growth and development as it allows them to tell a succinct story or keep track of possessions.

Efficient organization is displayed when a child designates a distinct folder or notebook to each student to each school subject or consistently maintains any sort of systematic method.

We work hard at JPE to help students begin developing these skills. As adults, we are still growing in these areas, as well. We will share with parents and community members what strategies we use to assist students with skills at our next Community Connection for Families on January 26th at 5:30pm in the JPE Cafeteria. We will also offer strategies that you can use at home to assist with these skills. We hope you will come and "connect" with us.

January 26th @ 5:30pm - Community Connection for Caregivers in our Community