by: Bronwen Williams

Phishing and Smishing

In attempt to get you to give away your personal information, fraudsters will send you false emails or messages. Your best bet is to not reply to those emails, or just ignore the emails that look suspicious and ask for your personal information.

Retail/Auction Fraud

This is most commonly seen when you buy something online, but it never comes, or you simply get a box with an item that is definitely not what you ordered. This form of fraud is used to get your information for fraudsters to use for their own benefit. The best way to avoid these situations is to research institutions and look at costumer reviews.

Work at Home

This form of fraud occurs when someone is offered a job that they can do at home. Due to this offer, the individuals that are wanting the jobs are asked to fill out a paper on their personal information. Another way is they "send" you a kit to help you do the job, when really they are just collecting your information. The best way to avoid this happening to you, is if it looks to good to be true, well it probably is and is most likely fraud, so you should steer clear!