Big (Green) Announcement!

and answers to all the questions you haven't asked...

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I'm excited to share the news that I accepted an amazing offer with Dartmouth College as an Instructional Designer starting in early November 2013!!!

I'm planning to make the 1,000 mile move out to New Hampshire the week of 11/4/13 so that leaves lots of time for gatherings, outings, & memory-making before I go!

Here are some responses to highly anticipated FAQ that no one is actually asking:
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Q: No, seriously. This is the Ivy League. Are you sure you'll fit in?

A: Yes. I wasn't sure at first, but upon further research, this place was pretty much made for me, for the following reasons:

  1. The greater Dartmouth area is gnome-friendly. They even carry them in the book store. And you "gnome" how much I love...nevermind, you get the idea...
  2. Dartmouth's (unofficial) mascot is a keg. (No, really.) "Keggy the Keg" ranks high on the list of weirdest college mascots. I & my beer mug costume should do just fine here.
  3. Every winter, Dartmouth hosts a Winter Carnival, with a snow sculpture contest, games, etc. I have been known to have pantsless snowball fights and host "Snow Days" for absolutely no reason. This should be a match made in New Hampshire heaven!
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Q: But you love Chicago, Loyola, & your social circle more than most people love anything, ever...

A: Well, that's not really a question but...YES. I do. And I always will! After 5+ years here at Loyola as an intern, graduate student/assistant, and full-time staff member, there will always be big wolf prints on my heart. I am especially sad to be leaving the amazing colleagues I've learned from and been inspired by over the past several years. And as for the D-Ship, my Blonde Bomb Squadmates, & Chicago-Area Socialites...Those relationships are for life, regardless of geography! They'll just have to plan an annual New England ski trip, & I'll get back to Chicago as often as possible!
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Q: What will become of your "30 Before 30" list?

A: When I added #21: "Visit a state I haven't been to yet" to my 30 before 30 list, I never planned on actually moving there. However, fear not legions of avid readers, the list and the blog will live on! In fact, following along with The Someday File will be a great way to keep up with my travels and (mis) adventures, and a way for me to share my experiences with and stay connected to friends and family I can't see every day, so please read, comment, laugh with/at me, share your own stories, and follow along here:

If you're wondering what my new life will be like, just imagine this:

Tea Partay

...even though it will actually be a lot more like this, all the time:

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Stay in Touch!

You can reach me & keep up with my adventures the following ways! Once I have an address in NH, I also welcome care packages, hand-written cards & letters (my favorite), and the occasional Lou Malnati's frozen pizza. I make an exceptional pen pal, so if you send me something, you can expect a surprise in your mailbox as well!