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Spring is nature's way of saying let's party!

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Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is the official Teacher Appreciation Week!

I decided to celebrate your greatness a week early. I want to give a great big shout out and thank you to Tia, Jill and the Food Service Class for catering this event. This was a great example of project based learning where students planned and executed a project.

Each one of you are amazing educators and I am thankful to have such a devoted team working in the best interest of students.

I believe we have one of the strongest and best staff in the district! I have enjoyed watching us grow and change to adapt to building and district challenges, all in order to do what is best for students.

Thank you for all you do, for all the time and dedication you put in on behalf of students. You are appreciated !!!!


Friday there were quite a number of absences. Please remember our students do best with consistency and our faces here and present.

If there are requests for days off in this last month of school, I will be looking at the number of other staff already planning on being out and the number of days you have already been out this year to make my decision.

Let's finish out the year MPS Strong!

Job Opening - Minneapolis Community Education - Access Program

Minneapolis Community Education is hiring a full time person to help run the Access program.

Your recommendations are welcome. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass on this information about the

Access position.

Counselor News

Course Registration Week Schedule

Course registration week for teams 2 and 3 is May 14-18. As a reminder, Britt will be supporting the course registration process during advisory on the assigned days/times. Britt will bring all materials needed to register students to case manager's rooms on the assigned days. Please do not print out the example sheets distributed during team meetings as they have been updated.

The schedule is attached below.

Please let Britt know asap if you need to change times. Thank you!

Mental Health Team Tip of the Week:

The Healthy Mind Platter contains seven essential mental activities necessary for optimum mental health in daily life, according to Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. David Rock.

We've covered sleep, physical time, focus, connecting time and play time. Today we're highlighting Down Time.

When we are non-focused, without any specific goal, and let our mind wander or simply relax, we help the brain recharge.

So go ahead and let yourself 'zone out' (when it's safe to do so!) and feel good about recharging your brain!

Stay tuned for more info on the final essential activity next week - or check it out for yourself:

Lunch time change

On Friday, May 11th 2nd lunch will start ten minutes early (12:10) to accommodate extended BINGO time (12:50-1:20)

Bike-Walk-Let's Roll MPS

Join us for Let's Roll MPS!

Bike and walk to school Wednesday May 9th and Friday May 11th.

Sign up sheet are in the main office.

Keep an eye out for more details!!!

T plus Has Talent

The Student Leadership group has decided to hold the Transition Plus Talent Show on May 25th, in the Auditorium from 1:00-3:00.

Auditions will be held on May 4th as well as the 18th. Remind students to look for the sign up and posters in the hall near the office.

Upcoming at T- Plus

Monday -------- Interview & Select (DCD team) evening

Tuesday -------- Staff Meeting - 8 am Auditorium

--------------------- SEL Cohort at Davis

Wednesday --- Bike and Walk to School


Friday ----------- Bike and Walk to School

--------------------- ILT C205

--------------------- ESP Meeting 9:30-10 & 10:05 -10:35

--------------------- Extended Bingo 12:50-1:20