Technology Class at Lineville

Come To Lineville Intermediate School to learn...

What we learned in Technology class at Lineville

I Movie

  1. You can add music to your video
  2. You can add an photo to your movie
  3. Best of all it is fun to see what you can do with it and what happens.

The second thing that we learned in technology is...

I Trailer

  1. It is almost the same thing as i movie but it is a commercial for the movie you are making.
  2. You can add anything you need to make people think it is going to be the best thing in the world.
  3. Last you can add different backgrounds and text areas that you want.

Third is Haiku Deck

In Hailu Deck you can do

  1. Slides about the unit that you are learning.
  2. it helps sort you file and text by slide and you can do bullet points to do facts.
  3. Last you can add a picture for every slide.

Forth is Explain Everything and it was really fun to use because...

  1. You can draw anything you need and wright it to and put it in bold and also in different colors.
  2. You can record your voice and say everything you need to say or explain.
  3. Last you can pick any picture that you want to use.

Last is Go Animate

  1. You can have any background that you want.
  2. You can have any characters that you want for your school, or your business's ect.
  3. You can add anything that you want your character say for project.