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The Sky Blue

Uruguay is known for its verdant interior and beach-lined coast. The Capitol, Montevideo, revolves around Plaza Indepencia and leads to Cuidad Vieja or the old city. It has beautiful colonial homes, art buildings, and many steak houses. The population is 3.3 million so you'll never get lonely! It's a great place to be considering in 2013 it won "Country of the year" due to its highly ranked social development and global ranking in personal rights. It's summer temperatures are perfect, ranging at highes of 82°F and lowes of 63°F. Winter is a bit colder with a high of 57°F and 42°F low. It has many beautiful hot springs, beaches, carnival celebrations, and the old city to visit. If you are the adventurist type Uruguay is the place to be, considering you can zipline through their amazing forests. You can also enjoy rafting through their rivers. Carnival is their famous celebration with beautiful dances and an evening of music and fun! Their favorite foods are asado which is a type of barbecue consisting of beefs, ribs, sausage, and sweet breads. Historical sites vary from the tall lighthouse of Colonia to the low ruins of the convent of San Francisco. So go check out Uruguay and enjoy a lifetime of memories!