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We are the leading professional tutoring services providers in Nairobi

The best way to achieve good performance is for your child to fall in love with the different concepts being taught. Your child needs a tutor who will inspire them to achieve that!

With Astute Tutors Nairobi, our passionate tutors will understand your child’s strength and weakness in various subjects and enlighten them to explore deeper.

We are professional and most importantly, we use systematic approach framework (SAF) which is a unique problem solving approach that aims at exploring all topics taught in school and provides students with better ways to solve their own questions

You can choose your preferable timing and location and we will match them with our tutors at any time.

You can also request for assessment and interview for your child before confirmation of the tutoring

Our tutoring fee is reasonable and affordable.

Astute Tutors provide professional tuition lessons in IGCSE (PreK- 12th graders), K.C.P.E (Class 2- Class 8) , K.C.S.E (Form 1 – Form 4), American GED , College quantitative tuition (Calculus, Accounts, Algebra, Finance etc). Contact us today for the tuition and learning environment for your child. Contact Vincent : 0723881433

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Tuition sessions can be arranged as private or students can form groups of tutoring at reduced rates at different locations within Nairobi.

We are in Pangani, Westlands, Parklands, Karen, Kahawa Sukari, Hurlingham and Adams Arcade.

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