Playa El Socorro

Marta Martinez

Where can I find it?

Playa El Socorro is located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the islands that make up the Canary Islands which are part of Spain, set in Europe. Its latitude and longitude is 28° 23' 38.4'' N, 16° 36' 11'' W.

Active or passive?

Playa El Socorro is located away from any plate boundaries but in the same island there is an active volcano, El Teide, so it's considered as an active coast.

Primary or secondary?

El Socorro was created because of the volcanic activity of the island, mainly because of Mount Teide, so it's considered a primary coast.

Emergent or submergent?

It was emergent because as the island were created they grow above sea level.

Sand color and origin

El Socorro is made of black sand, because it comes from volcanic rocks, like magma and basalt, that were deposited at the beach during the volcanic activity that formed the island.

More things about Playa El Socorro

There is always good weather at Canary Islands and doesn't matter which season is, you can go to the beach. El Socorro is a really good place to do surf, either in winter (for more professionals because the waves are bigger and stronger) or summer (perfect place to learn how to surf). There is a lot of surf competitions but when swimming you have to be careful because of the strong swell. It's a really clean beach and is awarded with a Blue Flag, which in Europe is given to beaches based on cleanliness and safety. It has a beautiful view of the other side of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Island.

Pictures and videos

Playa del Socorro, surf, Los Realejos, Tenerife