Endangered Animals

How can we help?

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How Can We Save Them?

1. Don't throw trash out of your window - How they can implement it personally and locally in their life. People always throw trash out of my car and I get so annoyed about it! Sometimes, they do it without even telling me and when I finally notice, it is too late. Now, I will be putting a trash bag in my car so anyone who is in the car with me will have a spot to put their trash without having to throw it out of the window!

2. Encourage other people to learn more about endangered species. So many people do not know about animals that are considered to be endangered. The other day, I had a conversation with some of my classmates about how the sea otters are close to becoming extinct and I was upset. My friends had no clue! I told them to search it and see what is going on in our world, because we need to not only know about the animals in general, but we need to know how to help them! My friends ended up looking it up and posting articles about it on Facebook. This got many people to view the article and get involved.

3. Recycle and reduce energy and goods consumption. For now on, I will not throw out all of my cans and my water bottles that I drink during the school day. Instead, I will keep a bag in my locker that I will put them. At the end of the week, I will bring it to the supermarket with my parents and put it through the machines so that my trash can be recycled.

4. Never purchase products made from threatened or endangered species I will apply this to my everyday life by looking at the labels of what I buy. For example, I will not buy anything with fur from animals and duck feathers. This is what could make it or break it for the animals in our wildlife!

5. Make your neighborhood friendly to backyard wildlife; for example grow native plants that provide nuts, berries and nectar to feed wildlife, plant a butterfly garden, put up a bat house or bird house, and build a brush pile. I have always had a big backyard with nothing but a pool and lounge chairs in it. Recently, I told my mom that we have to make our environment more animal friendly, so we bought bird houses and a bird bath, so that birds could feel at home on my property. We also have looked up different types of plants to grow in our backyard, so that the animals that walk on our property will have something to eat when "visiting."

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