Class Newsletter

What's happening in Mrs. Tran's First Grade

What's Happening!

Wow! The first graders have been busy jumping right into learning these past three weeks! In math, we have been reviewing all the numbers 1-10. Lots of counting is also happening! We've been counting different collections of items and sharing out with the class how we counted. In Reading Workshop, we have been practicing habits that good readers have. For example, we have been setting reading goals and keeping track of how many books we read, learning how to read with a partner, and discussing different ways to read books. Our independent reading stamina has gone from 6 minutes to 20 minutes, and we can read with our partners FOREVER!
In Writing Workshop, we have been learning how to collect ideas based on our favorite things. These collections will help us when we begin writing about small moments. Finally, we have started our first project! We are learning about the history of the land where Heritage is built. We started by observing what is on the land now and asking questions about it. We built model blimps and blimp hangars. We learned so much about the structures on the land. I am so proud of all the great learning happening!
Oh, I almost forgot! Last week we celebrated Dot Day 2016! We read the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. We talked about how you can help others, not give up when you feel discouraged, and make your mark on the world! Check out the photos below!

Looking Ahead...

In the next two weeks, we will continue to build our good reading habits, as well as develop strategies for unlocking tricky words. The students filled their book bags today with books for the week. In the next week, they will be learning their reading level and begin practicing more with books that are just right for them. In math, we are going to continue counting, begin word problems with addition, and look deeper at the number partners that make up the numbers 5-10. In writing, we will finish gathering ideas and begin our small moment writing. You can help your child with this at home by having them practice retelling you memorable events that have happened in their life. Lastly, we will be taking our study of the land around Heritage deeper as we study the first people to build and live here, the Gabrielino-Tongva tribe of Native Americans. The students will be comparing their lives to that of the first people to live here. They will be working to create an artifact that may have been left behind! The artifacts will be on display during the Heritage Elementary ribbon cutting!! So much exciting stuff happening!

Just Some Notes

* Thank you to those parents who were able to make it to the training. Parent Volunteers will start once we begin rotations after parent conference week.

* In the Thursday folder there will be a paper to sign up for See-Saw. This is a link that let's you see pictures and images of what is happening in our classroom on a daily basis.

* Our classroom behavior system is fully in place. Students are expected to follow our school rules of being respectful, responsible, on-task, and trying for their personal best. When they make a choice to not follow one of these rules, they receive a reminder or two, then a Think Sheet to write about their choice, and if the behavior continues, a referral. If your child receives a minor or major referral you will be contacted to talk about their choices and strategies to support them at home. As we are getting deep into our curriculum, it is important that students are making choices to support their learning and the learning of those around them.

*Tomorrow we visit the library for the first time! We will learn the routines and procedures, however students will not be checking out books just yet.

Upcoming Events

Picture Day- Thursday, September 22 (Free Dress Day!)
Movie Night- Friday, September 23
Parent Conferences- October 10-14 (Sign-Up Genius notice coming soon!)

We could use...

cardboard tubes (paper towel, toilet paper, etc.)
paper bags
cleaned juice cartons (the cardboard kind)
natural colored yarn/fibers