American Society



20 million immigrants came to the U.S. looking for a brighter future. 15% of the U.S. was made up of immigrants coming from Eastern and Southern Europe.


The United States had a great experience of growth to the country. It gre on business and on the industry. During the year 1890 the U.S. had produced more industrial products than agricultural products.


The United Stated had a big growth on the cites. By the late 1700's only 5% would be living on urban areas and by the late 1800's about 35% were now living on urban areas.
Broadway at Union Square 1896


The progressive movement wanted to eliminate corruption of the government. Women wanted the right to vote of America. They could do what a men could do. They worked hard and maintain their families happy.

Women's Suffrage

Women's Suffrage in the 20th Century

16th Amendment

The government had the right to take graduate income tax from Citezens of the United States. It made if fair for most of the poeple.


America became a World Power. It help the United States be influenced on other countries

Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine stated that if European nations were doing effort to colonuze labd or interfere with states in North or South America the U.S. has the right to see it as aggregation

World War 1

The World War 1 was fought from 1914-1918 between the Allies and the United States. It brought peace to the United States.