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Basic Egypt information

Egypt is locate in northern Africa boardering the Meditrainian sea. It's known for the Nile river. Egypt is known as the gift of the Nile. Pyramids were built for Pharos. There are many temples there.


Egypt is important due to May things. Like there petroleum, natural gas, and iron ore are few of there importance. The Nile is an importance in Egypt. It's important for fertil soil transportation and many other things.



1.What is silt?

2.where is it found?

3.what is it used for.

Silt is very important in farmlands. Silt is very rich particles of soil. silt if often washed up on riverbanks when rivers flood. If the rivers don't flood the farmers are I'm big trouble because they don't have any good farmland.

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1.What is an embargo?

2.What does it do?

3.Why is it importan?

An embargo is very important for many reasons. An embargo restricts trade to certain countries. This means that no imports and exports can be made. If you need car parts or items from another county you wouldn't be able to receive them.
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Silt being washed in a river.

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