Disability With Us

Walk Strong with Who you Are

It is important because it let's you know what it is like to be disabled. you will understand what the disabled go through. And it will also help the less fortunate. Our walk is to help disabled people after high school with their needs of education,jobs, and financial aid.

All the money that is raised will go to the AAPD and the Arc program. they will help find cures and pay for medical bills. If the family doesn't have money or enough money for housing and insurance the programs will also help pay. For more information on the AAPD go to the website www.aapd.com and for the ARC program vistit the site www.thearc.org .

Disablity with Us

Saturday, May 25th, 3pm

Kendallville Fire Department, East North Street, Kendallville, IN

This is a walk where you take on a disablity of your choice and you act like that disablity to raise money to find cures for the different types of disablilties and to help people understand some of the medical cost for people. We help find jobs and homes once they disabled are out of schools.

3pm Kendallville Fire Department

4-4:15 pm refeshments at back part of Bixler Lake

4:15-5 pm walk around Bixler in the trails

5-5:15 pm Games (corn hole, catch...etc.)

5:15-6 pm Walk to Sunset Park and take pictures

6-7 pm walk back to Kendallville Fire Department

Children with Disabilities
Children With Disibilities