Fredrick Law Olmsted

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Fredricks Birth And Death

Frederick was born april 26th, 1822 in hartford ct. he died on aug 28th 1903 at the age of 81 in belmont massachusetts.

Highlights of his childhood & education

Fredrick was just about to enter Yale University when he got sumac poisoning which took college away from him. before he tried to get into college fredrick was a journalist, a seaman, a public administrator, and a social reformer.

Marrige and family

On june 13th, 1859 frederick married Mary Cleaveland Perkins, he had two children with her, a son and daughter. he also adopted 3 sons.

Structures he made

Baltimore Estate, Richardson Olmsted Complex, Beveldere Castle, Grand Army Plaza, McLean Hospital, Arnold Arboretum, Bayard Cutting Arboretum State Park, Robert Treat Pain Estate, Hudson River State Hospital, and Baltimore Shoe Store.

Why was he a reformer and what did it change

He was a social reformer and he beliveed that people needed to be with nature no matter where they are so he made huge parks in huge cities.

Cause of Death

I do not know the cause of death but he died at the hospital he desighned, McLean hospital at 2:00am on August 28th 1903. he died at 81 years old.