Tuesday's With Morrie Found Poem

Chloe Van Ellen


What is life?

(pg 37) My tank is almost empty.

(pg 40) love always wins.

pg 48) The first Tuesday we talk about The World.

(pg 59) I had the coldest realization that time was almost running out.

(pg 63) I want someone to hear my story. Will you?

(pg 80) His shaky handwriting was now indecipherable to everyone but him.

(pg 90) The fifth Tuesday we talk about Family

(pg 113) I've never had another teacher like you.

(pg 115) Morrie lost his battle. Someone was now wiping his behind.

(pg 129) Each night when I go to sleep, I die.

(pg 135) He looks you straight in the eye and he listens as if you are the only person in the world.

(pg 136) Morrie motioned for my hand and I felt for a surge of guilt.

(pg 139) Morrie looked at the body behind the glass, the body of a man who scolded him and molded him, and taught him to work.

(pg 142) His sleeping time was getting worse.

(pg 143) Now, I am married to a woman blesses with far more intuitive kindness than I.

(pg 145) We laughed, and Morrie laughed too, as hard as he could with limited breathing.

(pg 181) The fourteenth Tuesday we say good - bye