Over Spring Break

Abby Easterwood

Over spring break, my brother got sick the Friday before break. I was hanging around him, trying to be positive. Then, he got me sick, when we were sick my mom was around us taking care of us and stuff like that. In no time, she got sick too! We all laid on the couches as a sick family. My dad was the only one that stayed strong, so he was around us taking care of us, then he came home from work, sick! We were getting closer to being better by the time he got sick.

Then, I realized the rainy weather outside was perfect weather for being all sick. My parents said the same thing. When my dad was sick my mom, brother, and I, went out for the first time that week. We saw the movie Zootopia. It was super cute. After the movie, we went back home, to take good care of my dad.

My dad was pretty terrible, but by Thursday, our whole family was all better. We hung out, not sick anymore. Friday and Saturday we cleaned a lot.... It was SO much fun, we cleaned almost every crack and crevice in the entire house! Sunday was a fun day, we went to the Dallas Zoo, we saw tons of cool animals. Then, we went home and watched a movie on Netflix and ate dinner. We got ready for bed, and went to sleep. Now, time for school again! That was my enjoyable break!

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