Clifford Purpur

by Casey Koenig

10 facts about his childhood

1. Was born in Grand Forks

2. Born on September 26, 1914

3. Was a high school legend

4. Grew up in Grand Forks

5. Played hockey as a child

6. He was a Grand forks all star in high school

7. Weighed 145 pounds in high school

8. Was North Dakota's Mr. Hockey

9. was a very good hockey player

10. 5'5 in his high school

20 facts about Cliff Purpur's adult life

1. Made the NHL at age 20

2. first native son of ND to be in the NHL

3. Played for five team in the NHL

4.The teams he played for were the St Louis Eagles, St Louis flyers, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Redwings, and St Paul Saints

5. Played 5 seasons

6. Died February 21, 2001

7. Awarded the roughrider award in 1981

8. Retired from the hockey in 1947

9. He became a UND coach after he retired

10. Scored 126 points in his career

11. Nicknamed Fido

12. In his 1938-1939 season scored 35 goal and had 43 assits

13. Had over 300 stitches

14. He was a father of six hockey playing kids

15. in the hockey hall of fame

16. died at age 88

17. died of a seizure

18. fan favorite because of his size

19. he was small and fast

20. died in a retirement home in Grand Forks

Roughrider award

Cliff received this award because he was the first North Dakotan to be in The NHL
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