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Volume of Cones Cylinder and Spheres

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What I already Know

Def:The amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, especially when great.

Length*Width*Heigth=Cube Volume

Area of Circles

The area of a circle is A=pi*(r*r).This means you take the radius of a circle and sqaure it then times it by pi.

Cylinder,Cones,and Spheres Decorations


My prediction is that if a cone and cylinder have the same dimensions then the volume will be close or the same

I Was Incorrect


A cone with the same dimensions as a cylinder has 2/3 the volume of a cylinder with the same dimensions
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Comparing Sphere and a Cylinder


The volume of a sphere seems to be a bit smaller than the volume of a cylinder about 2/3 of the cylinder

Real World Example

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I have two cylinders with a radius of 5 in and a height of 10 in how many 1 in washi tapes can fit in each cylinder?

Answer: 785