Time to Interrupt the Documentary

by Jacob Hall


The purpose of was to show the importance of helping others and stop people from killing each other. The film was done well through the success of the people in the documentary.
The Interrupters NEW Official Trailer

Lil Mikey

This young man was just released from prison, and in the documentary he had to confront a family he had robbed at gunpoint. He was helped in finding a job at a daycare center and was happy but at the end, he decided to join Cease Fire.


In the Documentary, you meet a loud foul mouthed man named Flamo. He was angry because his mom and brother were arrested. This person started to show change throughout the film, the first time change is shown is when he has ca;med down and is talking to his friend, and he tells him how he stopped people from fighting. Later in the film you see that he has got his life together and has a job. After the documentary was released he was able to find a job as a comedian and his life was changed.

Child Death

In the documentary, it showed the importance through showing the death of kids and how it causes people to feel. The documentary shows loved ones dealing with it but it also shows, how it affected the neighborhood as a whole.