Bloody Mary

Laney Hudson

Who was she?

Mary Tudor was the queen of England Ireland from July 1553 until her death. She was the daughter of King Henry 8th, who was known for having his wives executed when he was bored with them. Growing up Mary experienced a lot of blood and death, especially her mothers death. She was disowned by her father at a young age and was always in his shadows, him being the most powerful man in England.
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What is she known for?

Mary was given the name "Bloody Mary" from the tremendous number of protestant Tudors she had executed during her reign. The name indicated that Mary was the cause of thousands of deaths, mainly because they were not of the Catholic religion.

What does she do?

If you preform the ritual of summoning her spirit, she supposedly appears either in the mirror or somewhere in the room. When she appears she is known to horribly harm you, drive you insane, kill you, or trap you inside the mirror with her for eternity.

The Ghost Baby

As queen, Mary was pressured to have a child to pass down the royalty to. She was extremely overjoyed when she finally got pregnant, but when her due date came nothing happened. Days and days went by and Mary still had no child. After a few months of this, her stomach shrank and her symptoms disappeared. She was devastated and humiliated because all of England knew. She later had another false pregnancy and died not long after.

I Stole Your Baby, Bloody Mary

Once you have summoned Mary's spirit, if you chant "bloody Mary I stole your baby" she will get a lot more angry and vicious because you stole the baby she was always hoping for.

Strengths and Weaknesses

strength- Mary was good at recruiting forces to her cause when her power was trying to be taken away. At the time she showed great determination.

Weakness- Mary was very bitter and she was always jealous and looking for revenge.


Mary lived in the Elizabethan period and was of the Catholic religion

What is the purpose of this myth?

Mary is an urban legend consisting of a spirit conjured to reveal the future.


1) Mary was so self centered that she was always obsessed with her reflection. Since she spent so much time in front of the mirror, her soul got trapped inside and she is always looking for a way out.

2) Mary bathed in the blood of young girls in attempt of staying young.