Life in the marines

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Background Info On The Marines

The United States marine corps is one of the most respected of all military forces. The corps was created at tun tavern Philadelphia Pennsylvania.submarines battled many revolutionary battles.

Basic Info On The Marines

Marines are responsible for the presidents short helicopter trips. Marine training begins the very first day at boot camp. The training program last twelve weeks. One of the marines boot camp training place is in paris island, south Carolina.

Some Major Marine Heroes

Why The Marines Are Important

Journal Entry

The Marines are important to the U.S. because they give us protection on the water and on land. Some day, I want to be a a Marine. I really dont know why none of my family is not in the marines. I geuss I am going to be the first one.

About The Author

Robert Cobb Kennedy

This photographic portrait of Robert Cobb Kennedy, the only person captured and convicted in the 1864 Confederate plot to burn down New York City, was taken on March 23, 1865, two days before his execution. A few hours before he went to the gallows, Kennedy sent copies of the photo, along with locks of his hair, to friends and family in the South. A Louisiana native and Confederate officer, Kennedy escaped from Johnson’s Island Military Prison on October 4, 1864, and made his way to Canada. There, he joined with a small group of Confederate officers who had been dispatched to Canada by Confederate President Jefferson Davis to plan military raids that could be launched at the Union from politically neutral Canadian soil. Kennedy participated in the plot to burn down several public places in New York City. Prior to his execution he claimed that the attempt to set fire to the American Museum was "simply a reckless joke . . . There was no fiendishness about it. The Museum was set on fire by merest accident, after I had been drinking, and just for the fun of a scare." He and his fellow "incendiaries" escaped to Canada after their plan failed, and Kennedy alone was captured when he tried to slip back into the United States at Detroit. He was tried, convicted, and executed on March 25, 1865, at Fort Lafayette in New York harbor.

Source: Nat Brandt, The Man Who Tried to Burn New York