Secondary School Problems

Resolving conflicts around school.

Conflict 101

  • A conflict is a situation in which one or more parties feel threatened.
  • Conflicts will stay with us until we face them and find a resolution.
  • We react to conflicts based on our perceptions which can be influenced by life experiences, cultures, values, and beliefs.
  • Conflicts trigger strong emotions, you must be able to manage them in times of stress.
  • Conflicts are an opportunity for growth, resolving one builds trust and lets you know that your relationship can survive challenges and disagreements.

Common Conflicts in School:

Types of Conflict:


Conflict within yourself.

e.g. Indecisiveness


Conflict between two people.

e.g. Boxing match


Conflict with authorities.

e.g. Arguing with your teacher


Conflict with those who have broken the law.

e.g. Police officers vs. Robbers


Conflict within a nation.

e.g. Government parties


Conflict between nations.

e.g. World Wars


Conflict with nature.

e.g. Natural disasters


Conflict with machines.

e.g. Car won't start

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