Ryan Damski

Ceramics 1


[For your own safety and mental well being do not proceed to finish this video]

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The Hulks Appoval

I created this project because i needed a motion of approval for my cup of joe in the morning. The problems i faced in this elegantly crafted work of god like art, was making the fingers and thumb realistic but i solved this problem by gently craving the detail. If i could change something it would be making the fingers look more realistic.
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A Very Classy Pair of Binoculars

I created this project because my last idea didn't work out and the first thing that popped in my head was this beautiful blue master-piece you see before you. The only problem i had with this sculpted perfection was making the two separate cylinders and i just built slowly so they wouldn't collapse. If i could change something it would be making the edges smoother.
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John Deweese Pottery

I see an abstract piece with a rustic mechanical feel, which forms a pot. line really dominates the piece because of how it highlight certain part and also gives it depth. I'm going to guess that it was based in the late 1800's around the industrial age because of the vintage look and style of the piece. The old time mood to the piece gives it that extra bit of depth. I believe the work was successful meanly for the fact that of its character and attention to detail.
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Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guild Scultpure 'Free'

The object i can identify is a man with very skimpy clothes. Much of what dominates the piece is the mellow color of brown and the symmetric properties of the work makes the body. I think the sculpture is about the slave time period in our history and the title 'Free' really complements that idea. The mood probably evolves around a depressed but determined state of mind. I believe the artist was successful because of the appearance of the figure truly parallels with the idea of Emma.
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