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Because everyone needs a little PBIS

Important Dates in January

January 20th- State Readiness Testing (3rd and 4th Grade)

January 25-29th- Pennies for Patients

January 27th- GOTM Lunch

Jan 28th/29th- Read in (January Celebration)

Character Trait of the Month- Ownership

Whenever I see students in the office for discipline referrals we often begin our chat with the student letting us know what they have done. Often the story we hear from them isn't entirely factual. The students struggle with taking ownership of what they have done. In the same way when I am at home I sometimes struggle with taking ownership of things I do wrong. My wife will wonder why something isn't done and I will have a few hundred excuses as to why it wasn't finished. I could just take ownership over my mistake; instead I find excuses. Of course this has only happened to me once in my life!

Ownership also ties into HSE 21- giving students a voice and choice in the classroom. We ask students to own their actions and behavior, but can we also ask them to own their classroom more? For the student who asks you 50 questions a day, the student who is constantly falling behind...how can we as teachers teach our students how to think for themselves and take more ownership of their learning?

January Celebration- Read In- January 28th/29th

Who? All classes who are CELEBRATING achieving their January Goal

When? Thursday Jan 28th- Kdg-2nd Grade

Friday Jan 29th- 3rd and 4th Grade

What is it? Students can bring in their own books, pillows, blankets and have free time to set up camp and read in their classroom. How long, what part of the day, etc... are entirely up to you as the teacher. Or even better...give your students OWNERSHIP over planning the event!

First days 5 back to school

To allow our students a better transition back into school I have included a few videos on school procedures.

Thursday Jan 6th- Do the right thing and treat people right- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjJHQK6VEi4

Friday January 7th- G.E.S- Great choices, effort, safety

Monday 11th- Hallway procedures- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHWhR31FG5U&list=UUFc6RDjlMpjcGbNB8wNSWig

Tuesday 12th- Lunch procedures-

Wednesday 13th- Bathroom procedures (new video this year!)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gbWDWwS0P8&index=1&list=UUFc6RDjlMpjcGbNB8wNSWig

Survey- PBIS PD

One last time--

We want to know what PD you would like to have that deals with PBIS. Do you struggle with students who shut down? What do you do with that student who can't stay focused? Please let us know by taking 1 minute to fill out this survey.

Have a great month!

Please don't hesitate to contact any member of the PBIS team with questions or concerns.

Your PBIS Team is:

Allison Tschuor- SLP

Rod Sutherlin- PE

Callie Mathers- School Psych

John Reynolds- Counselor

Christi Thomas- Principal

Ally Gamble- Kdg

Autumn Carter- 1st

Sharlee Friedle- 2nd

Susan Galliher- 3rd

Lacy Rose- 4th