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Welcome to 2020-21 School Year!

Shake out that beach towel and those flip flops and let's gear up for an exciting year in Strings that is sure to be creative, fun, new, and different! So I hope you are rested and as excited as I am to be your teacher. I send out a S&T Newsletter whenever there is pertinent upcoming information so that we're all in the loop.

If you are new to JI, be ready to be join a tight-knit Orchestra family that will grow with you throughout the year and BEYOND! Let's make 2020-21 a GREAT and memorable year for all the important reasons!

WELCOME to the JICHS Orchestra Program!

Welcome! Get set for an awesome year in Orchestra! You will learn, perform, and explore so much this year and I'm excited to be your teacher (again). Even though making music virtually is tricky, we've had tremendous success last year and will continue on this path to greatness!

  • Concert Orchestra will meet on Tuesday & Wednesday Block 1A on Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30-9:15.
  • Chamber Orchestra will meet Wednesday and Friday Block 1B (year round) from 8:30-9:15 AM.
  • We will do a quick orientation, get to know you and get started on learning some content.

Your first assignments will be Google Forms (Above under INFO) to get to know you a bit more, learn about your instrument needs, our music policies, and what you have been doing musically since last year.

Join me on Google Meet (also called hangout)

CLICK HERE for Google Meet Link from 8:30-9:15 (depending on your section)

Our Canvas is a work in progress and I will go live with this week so don't stress. The syllabus and assignments will all be on there...soon but are on our website already :) This is a learning process so let's be patient with each other as we all learn how to crawl using this new system. We're in this together!

Excited to see you this week!


Andrea Quinn, BS, MME

Director ofInstrumental Music

Performing Arts Chair

SCMEA Piano Division Past/President-Elect

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