Google Play Vs. Apple App Store

Kyle McWillams


App Store: Apple puts a lot more of emphasis on selling music and movies. This is probably because they are trying to promote iTunes, the biggest digital distributer of music. As soon as open the App store, it shows different categories, and music and movies are at the front.

Google Play: Google puts more emphasis on games. As soon as you open up Google Play, it shows big colorful icons of the most popular games. They also try to promote music and movie downloads, but it's not in your face like the games.

Price Points

As far as price, on average, Google Play is about 2.5 times more expensive than the App Store. Also, generally, the average cost for the top 100 paid apps on the App Store is cheaper than the average of the top 100 paid apps on Google Play. However, Google does only has a $200 price cap, where as Apple has a $999.99 price cap, so Apple has a lot more outliers.


The layouts for both sites are very similar. They both give you a list of the top free, paid, and top grossing apps. They also both have a button for Editor's Choice apps. I personally prefer the App Store Layout, it feels less cluttered than Google Play's, but they are very similar.

App Availability

The app availability at this point is pretty much the same at this point. I remember a couple of years ago, however, that was not the case. This was back when Temple Run was the app everyone was talking about, and at the time I only had an Android and not an iPod, and Temple Run was not available on Android yet. I believe the same was true about Subway Surfers. The flipside though, was my favorite app, Defender 2, was only available on Android for a while.

In terms of number of apps, Google Play has passed the App Store. Despite Apple's large lead, Google Play was able to catch up and be the first of them to hit 1 million total apps.

Approval Process

Apple has a much stricter approval process than Google. Apple checks every single App that make applies to be put on the App Store, while Google does not. Generally, Apps on the App Store are more safe than Apps off of Google Play. This also means that apps on the App Store tend to be higher quality than those of Google Play.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I have to say I prefer the App Store. After having been a long time Android user, I recently got an iPod and was immediately amazed at how much easier to use the App Store was to Google Play. They are both good, but the W goes to Apple.