The Country of Diverse Language

Bolivia By Samantha Chang

Major cities

Major cities in Bolivia include La Paz and Sucre (the capitals), Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Oruro, Tarija, and Trinidad.


Bolivia was controlled by Spain and gained their independence on August 6, 1825. The official language is Spanish, although many languages are spoken throughout the country.

The Bolivian Flag

The Bolivian flag has three stripes. The top is red and represents bravery and the blood that was shed by the heroes of Bolivia. The middle stripe is yellow and it represents Bolivia's wealth and resources. The bottom stripe is green and it represents fertility and richness of Bolivia's natural area. The Bolivian coat of arms is in the center.

Geographical Information

Bolivia is located in South America. It is to the south of Peru and Brazil. It is north of Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay. Physical features include the Altiplano, the Andes mountains, and Lake Titicaca.

Political information

Bolivia has a Republic government. The president is names Evo Morales. The Vice President is Alvaro García Linero.

Economic Information

The currency is called the Boliviano. 6.83 Bolivianos are equivalent to one US dollar. It has a socialism economic system.

Tourist information

People should visit Bolivia because the people are generally warm and welcoming, there are lots of delicious exotic foods, lots of beautiful species of wildlife are located there, and Bolivia is rich with history. Tourists should visit the Madidi National Park, the Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos, Yungas Road, Oruro Carnival, and go to entertaining and festive fiestas.

Interesting Information