Nazi Germany

By: Tyler Jennings

Who what where when why

the Nazi party was created in Germany sometime after ww1. they never achieved real power until Hitler joined the party and made it the only one in Germany.

German perspective

The German people struggled harshly after the first world war. Hitler brought hope to the weakened German nation, no matter how misguided the people where.

American perspective

The Americans where unaware of what the Hitler and his party where doing. They were blissfully unaware in their neutrality. The Americans new how bad we hurt the Germans and did nothing to help. This lead to Hitlers rise.

Media in Nazi Germany

Hitler with the help of his close friend Goebbles countless of propaganda promoting joining the party and glorifying Hitler was produced.

Historical criticism

Historical criticism plays a monumental role in the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. For one when Hitler began talking about killing the Jews the people should've known something was wrong. Another good example is how in his speeches Hitler used to refrence how he fought in the 1st world war to gain support.

Feminist Criticism

during the Nazi German era women were rarely seen compared to the men who were glorified in propaganda. German wanted a stronger country so they payed more attention to the men who they thought would strengthen their country.
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