New Books in the Library!

Your one stop shop for all things hot! (Haha!)

See something that tickles your fancy? Stop by the library and check it out.

Are your friends and neighbors talking about that new book that won the Pulitzer and you wonder what all the fuss is about? We have a copy of All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and it can be yours for two weeks (or more if you need to renew it, it is pretty thick...)

Interested in World War I and memoirs? How about amazing female nurses working right on the front lines? Vera Brittain wrote Testament of Youth about her experiences during the war and it was a best selling novel (are memoir's considered novels?) and has continued to be loved by readers since then.

Been waiting in breathless anticipation for Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee? Or just curious about whether it's as awful as some people say? Check it out, we have a copy!

Those are boring, Mrs. J. where are the good stories for Middle School?

Just in time for Halloween are some spooky weird and funny books that might tempt you. My Zombie Hamster is a dark tale of what happens when you're given a pet for Christmas that you don't really want and then it croaks on you. Except then it comes an undead hamster.

In I Text Dead People, all Annabel Cravel ever wanted was a cellphone (and to be just a little bit popular). There isn't much she can do about the popularity but when she finds a mysterious lost cellphone she decides to keep it. Too bad it apparently has a direct line to the dead and they won't leave her alone.

If you're not interested in the creepy but you still want something fantastical, I recommend Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley and The Zodiac Legacy by Stan Lee (yes THAT Stan Lee of Marvel fame). Circus Mirandus deals with magic, dreams and wishes while The Zodiac Legacy is all adventure, super powers and villains.

And finally, if you want a good, fun, adventure story with girls dressing as boys to save the family business, tricking giants into not squashing her city and then inciting a giant revolt against an evil overlord...well then you definitely need to check out Valiant. Oh, it has just a smidge of romance, too.

Got any good non-fiction?

Oh you bet we do! How do I love my nonfiction? Let me count the ways!

What about ebooks? I heard there were some good ones...

Are you familiar with that movie that just came out, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl? It got pretty good reviews, well before it was a movie it was a really good book by Jesse Andrews. I recommend checking it out.

Fans of Mean Girls and Gossip Girl should definitely take a look at Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall. Interesting take on the time loop-living the same day-over-and-over trope. Are lessons learned? Does Sam break the cycle and finally get to move on? Read it to find out!

And Neal Shusterman has a new book out called Challenger Deep that sounds intense. It tells the story of Caden Bosch, a regular high school student who also believes he's part of a ship crew descending into the Marianas Trench. It's a story of mental illness and what that looks like from the inside as well as out. It's a tricky story...take a look at the book trailer.
Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman | Official Book Trailer