Mr. Reth

Physcial Education

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About me

Graduated Monticello High School in 2012. Went to Kirkwood Community College for two years. Transferred to University of Dubuque to get my degree in Physical Education and Health with an endorsement in coaching.

Class Rules

Be respectful of others and the equipment.

Be on time and dressed in proper P.E. clothes

No gum or drinks other than water in the gym


What students are graded on

Based on participation in class and whether or not the student dresses accordingly they will be given a score out of 5. If a student is not dressed in their P.E. clothes then they will be docked one point. The other four points will be given based on their participation in class.

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Absenses and Late work

If for some reason you are unable to make it to class come see me the next day you are back to receive a makeup packet. The packet will be over the specific activity that we did for the day.

If homework is assigned and you do not hand it in during that time it will be docked 50%. You can turn it in up to a week late to receive credit. After that week is up it will no longer be accepted and will be graded as a zero.


During the year we will be doing many different types of physical activities. There will be things that are common in the United States such as soccer, basketball, softball, kickball, and dodgeball. There will be other things such as cricket, and rugby. We will also do some activities such as insanity, yoga, and different types of workouts. The students will be required to run the pacer test twice during the year. These are just some of the activities that we will be doing in class this year. If there are any questions you can email me at any time.