Sight Word Card Book

117 Sight Words with an activity for each word!

We've packaged sight words in a whole new way!

Here is a list of 7 good things you will find in this book:

  • Sight words are displayed in a card, zooming in attention to text.
  • Sight word is enlarged in two places, and underlined, keeping child's focus on the word.
  • It's easy for the word to become recognizable on sight, with sight word being repeated more than one time, each time, for each word.
  • Your child can see his or her progress in a fun way with our starred "My Achievement Reward Chart". Each sight word is printed with its own star, allowing your child to "color a star" as he or she progresses. With each chart is titled an encouraging phrase at the top. Your child will feel encouraged to learn!
  • With our parent's guide and reading tips, we are right there with you to give you the help you need to effectively teach each word to your aspiring reader.
  • Finally, our word chart at the end of the book will give you a base to refer to when you need to find a word.
  • The Sight Word Card Book is fun, colourful, and easy to use. With 117 sight words to start with, your child will have a sound base of high frequency words to begin their journey in reading.

Enjoy Learning!

Niquesha Pamphile

Coming soon my instructional video package covering all the sight words in this book. Visit my website at and please sign up to receive 7 free additional video tutorials, which will teach the sights words in a brand new way, available July 15th! In this e-book are 7 free video lessons, each one teaching your child sight word recognition, how to spell those tricky words that are hard to sound out, and an activity for quick reinforcement!

Click on the video below for a sight word tutorial!

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