Plant Life

By: Jhoanna Lopez 10-2-13


The tallest tree in the world is Hyperion. It is located in Northern California. It is 115.61 meters high. The oldest tree in the world is Old Tjikko. It is 9,500 years old. It is located in Sweden. It is a Norway Spruce tree.

Most sunflowers are found in large fields to the countryside. Sunflowers point in the direction of the sun. They can sense when the sunlight changes.

Plants make their food in their leaves. They do it in their leaves because the sunlight and water fall mostly on the leaves. And then the their food gets formed. Plants need their roots for being able to grow, to absorb water, and to storage food, water, and nutrients.

A substance that makes leaves green is chlorophyll. A plant that can grow one meter in a single day is bamboo. Everyone knows that it is located in China.Bamboo is known as the worlds fastest growing plant.

Did you know that the largest seed in the world is coco de mer?It grows on palm trees. Strawberry seeds are unique because it has its seeds on the outside. Most fruits have their seeds in the outside.

Did you know that on Earth, about 8.7 million species of plants exist. The one type of gas that all living things need to survive with is oxygen. We need oxygen everyday of our life to be able to survive.


In conclusion, this is why plants are interesting. It is important for you to know about plants because you know how they grow and how they survive.