For The LOVE of Literacy!

Creek View Elementary's Literacy Newsletter - January 2016

Creek View's Literacy Mission Statement

At Creek View Elementary, we believe our GATORS should view themselves as readers, writers, and thinkers. To develop life-long literacy habits, our campus has created a community in which reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking serve as the foundation of our learning.

Welcome to January's Creek View Elementary Literacy Newsletter!

A helpful tool to help you grow your gift of being a literacy teacher! Links, photos, videos and more to inspire you and lift you to new levels of learning!

Interested in seeing the revisions made so far in the TEKS?

Take a look at what TEA has posted on their website regarding upcoming changes in the TEKS. We will discuss more in depth later, but take a peek if you are interested now!

Research Based Strategies- We've Got This!

Worth reviewing with our learners for 2016...

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The following link is worth the read! I'm positive it will hit home with many of us as we think about some of our learners past, present, and future.