The Ohio Moon

July 12, 1994

Girl Travels Country To See Bus Wreck

Salamanca Tree Hiddle, age 13, traveled with her grandparents to see the wreck of a bus at Liwiston, Idaho, along with the grave of her mother who died in the crash. Salamnaca's mother left their her and her father to go travel the country and visit a friend in Liwiston. "She felt like she didn't know who she was anymore," says Salamanca's father, "So she went to find her friends and family and take a break from us." During their road trip, many adventures transpired. Her Grandmother's leg got bitten, they sight-seed a bunch, and finally, her grandmother died the days Sal saw the wreck. We are all sorry for these traumatic losses. Currently, Sal is living happily with her father in their old farm, and is frequently visited by her friends.
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Salmanca Tree Hiddle

Salamanca Tree Hiddle is a 13 year old girl who loves nature, family, and friends. Her best friend currently is Pheoby Winterbottom. She lives with her dad currently, as her mother died in a bus crash a few years prior. Salamanca hates being called "Salamander" and loves kissing trees.

Long legacy left Behind By Recently Deceased Grandma

Late last night, a beloved grandma of Salamanca Hiddle passed away, due to a weakened heart from a snake bite earlier this week. Relatives say she was always a funny person, and a joy to be around with. A beloved mother, grandmother, and wife, she will be buried in the Hiddle's back yard in a week.
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Waxing Wane Advice Column

Dear Wane,

My friend has been going on about how a lunatic has been showing up at her house, and spinning all these weird tails about how a person in our neighborhood is a murderer. Should I abandon her and not be her friend anymore? And to be worse, my mother has died and my dad is hanging out with the person my friend thinks is a murderer! I know their just tales, but I think I'm starting to believe them, and I think my dad wants to marry the lady! What do I do?

Sincerely, Blackberry Eater

Dear Blackberry Eater,

Personally, I don't think you should stop being friends with your friend. It seems like she is an interesting and unique person, and you will never meet another person like her. It seems like she has a good imagination, and if she truly believes these things, well then, prove to her that it doesn't exist. Sometimes we can let our imagination run wild, and I think that is what is happening here, so don't let your's do the same! As for your widowed father, he is an adult and can do anything he wants. I know you may be concerned, as no one can replace your mother, but perhaps you father needs someone else to be with you both. And a question you should be asking yourself is, do you hate this person? It seems to me you only are wary of her because of your friend and your late mother. You should think about if she's nice, and if she is, you should try not to get angry at your dad and get to know her, as she seems to be a good person. He is just trying to have a normal family again.

Sincerely, Waxing Wane

Curious Mysteries

Today I saw Mrs. Winterbottom all fancied up with short hair, makeup, and stylish clothes. As you may know, Mrs. Winterbottom is a very modest woman and has never acted this way in her life. On top of it all, she kissed a deranged lunatic! This lunatic has been showing up at her house for many weeks now, and I think that he has convinced her that he is perfectly fine, which is indeed not the case. Mr. Winterbottom and his beloved daughter will not be happy to hear about their affair!

Book Review- Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons is a book about death and hope. The story centers around a 13 year-old girl named Salamanca whose mother died in a bus crash. This effects her dad, and causes him to move away from their pleasant country home for a small city house. Sal meets a girl named Pheoby, a girl with an active imagination and a grim mindset, who convinces her that Ms. Cadaver is a murderer and the stranger looking for Mrs. Winterbottom is a lunatic. it doesn't help that as her dad spends more time at Ms. Cadaver's, and Sal thinks he wishes to marry her and replace Sal's mom. This is all told while on a road trip with her grandparents to find the grave of Sal's mother on her mom's birthday.This book, in my opinion, accurately describes what a 13 year old girl thinks, and her story is very relatable, whether you have dealt with death or not. You especially grow to love the the characters, and I was slightly sad when the book ended. I love this book especially because most teen/ adolescent books about death are pretentious and try to make their characters so unique that it kind of either/both gets on your nerves how unperfectly perfect they are, and/or their unrelateable. I would definitely recommend this book to people who love reading realistic fiction, and people who want to read a happy, but melancholy book.

By- Chloe Biermann