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Giact Systems a Leader in Risk Management Services

Giact Systems

Giact Systems Inc has become a leader in risk management services since its founding in 2004. At Giact Systems Inc, we set ourselves apart from the competition by putting the customer first. We are committed to delivering quality at Giact Systems Inc. We have helped companies of all kinds assess risk and accept payments with confidence. Giact Systems Inc's user-friendly services keep customers coming back.

Giact Systems Gives Back

Giact Systems is a company that places a high priority on giving back to their community. Not only are they completely devoted to the purpose of growing businesses in their community through offering pro bono risk management services, but they are also highly interested in giving to those who don’t own businesses, or even homes for that matter. Giact Systems works to better their communities through giving to homeless outreach programs as well as domestic abuse awareness campaigns to continue being a leader in their communities.

One of the organizations that receives Giact’s support is Unbreakme, a group dedicated to protecting young people from abusive relationships that could damage their future. Giact proudly sponsored their Radiant Girls Luncheon, which is one of their many efforts to raise awareness on this issue. Also, Giact Systems has made significant annual contributions to Hope House since 2012. Hope House provides a safe environment for women who struggle with addiction and helps them through their recovery process as well as helps them develop skills to be marketable in the real world so that they can be self-sufficient after their recovery.

Furthermore, a condition of Giact Systems’ free risk management services to businesses is that those client businesses promise to pay their generosity forward to their surrounding community through charitable endeavors of their own. It’s the Giact Systems way of attacking the issues they feel are most imperative to their surrounding community, through leading by example and being a charitable model that other companies can strive to become.

Giact Systems’ Incredible Services

Giact Systems is a risk management company that has served a wide variety of clients that range from modest start-up businesses to Fortune 500 mega companies that serve as industry leaders and are responsible for the employment of thousands of people. No matter the size, Giact Systems offers a wide variety of services that are uniquely tailored to each particular client’s operation. Below, they share what these services are and how they are personalized to suit the client’s needs.

gVerify is their account verification tool that uses information from financial institutions to identify and prevent payment fraud. This service is most used by merchants and banks as a tool for uncovering payment fraud.

gIdentity is their ID verification service that gives companies a better way of identifying their clients. As Giact Systems’ most popular solution for domestic identity verification, a simple name search can yield a wealth of significant consumer data.

gAuthenticate is Giact Systems’ account authentication tool that allows companies to verify information that has been provided by a person at the time of purchase. With gAuthenticate, a company is enabled to determine the authority of an individual over that particular account and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

gCheck is their e-Check service that ensures peace of mind with every deposit. By electronically entering the check information, each deposit using gCheck saves a trip to the bank and allows for more cost efficiency within a company.

All these top-notch services and more are offered to Giact Systems clients, backed by their professional staff and satisfaction guarantee.

Giact Systems Emphasizes on Education

With over a decade in business, Giact Systems has continued to be an influential member of their Texas community as well as the risk management industry as a whole. Their contributions to businesses that range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 have been significant in the growth and security of these organizations through granting them the ability to accept payments with peace of mind, Plus, their track record of increasing profits in companies is enough to appeal to anyone who is considering risk management services.

Another large portion of the company’s reputation revolves around their dedication to community service. With the gift of business expertise, both Chief Executive Officer Melissa Brown and Chief Technology Officer Merlin Bise have dedicated personal time to the mentorship of start-up companies in their area. Business education is a big part of what Giact Systems does as a company, and they are happy to devote the utmost of their talent to boosting growth in their community, so they often offer these services at no cost to the client.

In return for these services, the only thing that Giact Systems asks of their clients is that they pay their good charity forward to their communities. By encouraging other companies to get involved in a community support model, each party benefits from the relationship as it betters the very community that surrounds them while also serving as a crucial marketing tool. And with a sense of philanthropy instilled in their employees, homeless and other suffering populations will benefit.

Giact Systems Provides Top-Notch Risk Management Services

With only ten years of being in business, Giact Systems is still a relatively young company. However their services and products reflect the innovation and mastery of something much more refined than what their years in business may suggest. And with a long list of satisfied client business, both big and small, the tech firm has made their appearance known as a leader in risk management services.

Customer service is the number one priority at Giact Systems. No customer is seen as a number here, as the expert staff on-hand knows that there are no cuttings of corners when it comes to risk management. Every client is treated as uniquely as they are, with an equal amount of care and attention no matter the size or type. Clients of Giact Systems can rest assured their needs are met with a custom-tailored solution that addresses the very needs of their businesses.

Not only are their solutions personalized, but they are known to have been effective in a number of ways. Customers are repeatedly satisfied with the quality of their products and the professionalism of their staff. Giact Systems customers can accept payments with confidence and know that their assets are secured at all times.

When it comes to the risk management industry, new developments are made every day in order to stay ahead of the curve on any unforeseen threats to their client businesses. Using the latest technology and the most up-to-date methods, Giact Systems runs an operation that is smooth, efficient and beneficial to anyone who uses their services.

Giact Systems Supports Women’s Rights

Giact Systems is a technology firm that is best known for always being involved with their community and finding ways to give back to those around them. They are always looking for ways to clean their community of the issues it faces, such as homelessness, drug addiction, violence and other such ailments to society. As a risk management company, Giact is able to find these very issues and attack them at the source. By taking on serious problems with specialized solutions, Giact Systems can better help its customers around the world.

One big focus of Giact’s outreach efforts revolves around women’s rights issues. They believe that women are still at a disproportionate disadvantage when it comes to the levels of harassment and mistreatment they face on a daily basis. Domestic abuse is still a serious issue, and Giact responds to the social epidemic with the support of awareness campaigns and fundraisers to help battle this demanding problem. One of the organizations that receives Giact’s support is Unbreakme, a group dedicated to protecting young people from abusive relationships that could damage their future. Giact proudly sponsored their Radiant Girls Luncheon, which is one of their many efforts to raise awareness on this issue.

Furthermore, Giact Systems has made significant annual contributions to Hope House since 2012. Hope House provides a safe environment for women who struggle with addiction and helps them through their recovery process as well as helps them develop skills to be marketable in the real world so that they can be self-sufficient after their recovery.

Non-Profit Involvement at Giact Systems

Giact Systems is a technology company that places a big emphasis on giving back to their community. The company gives not only financially, but encourages its employees to personally give back with volunteer work. Giact Systems sponsors all kinds of events each year to offer employees the opportunity to give back.

Giact Systems understands healing the community (including the world community) requires effort on all fronts. Issues Giact Systems has contributed to include domestic violence, homelessness, hunger, education, and more. Giact Systems has done lots of service work abroad. Earlier this year, the devastating hurricane that struck the Philippines left many without homes. Giact Systems donated significant funds to help rebuild those houses. What's more, the company sent a group of people to the devastated areas to contribute to the rebuild effort personally.

In 2010 and 2011, Giact Systems did more charity work abroad. Giact Systems values education. In keeping with this philosophy, the company donated funds to a struggling college in Nigeria. The college used the money to buy rice and other essential needs. The company has also sent medical supplies to other African locations.

Domestically, Giact Systems has also worked to end hunger. In 2013, the company donated to Mary's Kitchen. This soup kitchen is located in Orange, California. It provides much needed food to the homeless community of Orange County.

Giact Systems' commitment to doing good around the world is part of what sets the company apart from the crowd. Its success in risk management is only matched by its dedication to community service.

Merlin Bise and Melissa Brown, Giact Systems Co-Founders

Giact Systems has become a household name in the risk management industry. Now 10 years old, the company was founded by a group of experienced business and technology experts. Leading the pack were co-founders Merlin Bise and Melissa Brown.

Today, Merlin Bise is the CTO of Giact Systems. As Giact Systems' CTO, Bise brings over 15 years of software development, design, and leadership experience. The technical success of Giact Systems has largely been Bise's doing. Bise's technological expertise brings Giact Systems to the cutting edge of risk management innovation. Bise believes in the importance of continued technological development to provide only the best services for Giact Systems' clients. Under Bise's leadership, Giact Systems has sustained double-digit growth.

Giact Systems' CEO is the company's other co-founder, Melissa Brown. Brown has more than 20 years of business experience. Brown's business expertise brought Giact Systems continued market gains. She has overseen the company's strongest new product introduction cycles. Under her leadership, Giact Systems' client base has rapidly expanded. Customers from even more industries now turn to Giact Systems for the best risk management services because of Brown’s work.

Before Giact, Brown was the CFO of PCXPlayer, Inc. A resident of Texas, she has had several management positions with other companies in the area. She also worked in the healthcare industry for 15 years.

Bise, too, worked at PCXPlayer, Inc, as the company's CEO. He has worked in other Texas companies in management as well as technology and architecture positions. Outside of his work, Bise's passion is basketball.

Services Offered by Giact Systems

As Giact Systems serves a wide variety of clients, the company offers a range of different services. Account Verification (gVerify) uses information from financial institutions, both positive and negative, to detect payment fraud. Giact Systems offers this service primarily to merchants and banks for uncovering payment fraud.

ID Verification (gIdentity) offers a way for companies to better know their customers. gIdentity is Giact Systems' most popular solution for domestic identity verification. A single lookup provides a large sample of consumer data.

Giact Systems' Account Authentication (gAuthenticate) lets companies verify information provided by a paying person at the point of purchase. With this service, a company can determine if someone is authorized to transact on a particular account, and if a business is associated with an account. Up to 5 signers can be verified on one account. This leads to significant reduction of fraudulent transactions.

Giact Systems' eCheck Deposit (gCheck) allows companies to accept check payments with peace of mind. By entering check information electronically, a check can be deposited without a trip to the bank. This allows for greater revenue.

These are only a few of the services offered by Giact Systems. With all of its technology, the Giact Systems guarantee is the prioritizing of customer needs and the highest quality risk management solutions on the market. Giact Systems doesn't sell cookie cutter solutions. With technology specifically catered to each client's needs, Giact Systems ensures lasting customer satisfaction and safety of assets. Respect for customers is Giact Systems’ guiding principle.

Giact Systems' Vision

Industrious businesspeople looking to start a company have heard of Giact Systems. A 10-year old technology outfit that provides risk management services for payments, Giact Systems also mentors startup companies. CTO Merlin Bise and CEO Melissa Brown, Giact Systems' co-founders, provide these mentoring services absolutely free. The only thing the prospective startups must provide is a promise to give back to their communities.

Since its founding in 2004, Giact Systems has been dedicated to community service. The company has contributed funds and manpower to a wide variety of community issues. These include homelessness, domestic violence, hunger, education, summer camp, and more. From its inception, Giact Systems' vision was a company that prioritized the community it came from. With mentoring programs, Giact Systems strives to create other companies to follow its community-oriented example.

Giact Systems couldn't successfully give back without first being profitable, of course. Giact Systems owes its success to its exceptional customer care. At Giact Systems, no customer is a number. Businesses of all kinds and sizes seek the company's services so they can accept payments with peace of mind. Giact Systems is dedicated to providing the most innovative technological solutions to payment security problems.

At Giact Systems, success is measured not in the cost of their services. The professionals at the company know a product that costs more isn't necessarily better. Rather, a product's or service's value is measured in the benefits it offers the customer. With this in mind, Giact Systems is focused on long term customer satisfaction.

Giact Systems a Leader in Risk Management Services

A relatively young company in the risk management industry recently shot ahead of its competitors. Giact Systems celebrated only its 10th birthday recently, having been founded in 2004. Giact Systems is a technology company that works with businesses of all sizes in all industries to allow them to accept payments securely, with peace of mind. It's not hard to see why Giact Systems has been so successful.

Giact Systems prioritizes customer care above all. At Giact Systems, no customer is a number. Technology professionals at Giact Systems understand there are no cookie cutter solutions when it comes to risk management. Every security situation is unique. A Fortune 500 company and a small startup can't be treated the same way. At Giact Systems, their needs are equally important, and customized with the utmost care. Clients at Giact Systems can expect services tailored specifically to their unique needs. Flexibility is a priority.

Giact Systems has built its reputation on services that work. As a company, Giact Systems measures its success not in cost, but by the value their services deliver. A job isn't done until the customer is completely satisfied, and can accept payments with confidence.

New innovations are created daily in the risk management industry. Many of these innovations are created at Giact Systems. The company strives to provide the latest technology for the best possible results.

Valuing people is Giact Systems' commitment. Honesty, integrity, and open communication with customers are key. Respect for customers is a top priority.

Giact Systems Inc Dedicated to Quality [WC 258]

At Giact Systems Inc, we offer a service customers need: risk management. Over the 10 years since its founding, Giact Systems Inc has risen to the top of the risk management services industry. We have created sustained double-digit growth in that time and expect to continue on our current trajectory. Our dedication to a quality service, taking care of our customers, and helping our community is what has made us great.

Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder Merlin Bise uses his extensive experienced in software programming, design, and architecture to initiate nonstop innovation at Giact Systems Inc. Bise and his team problem solve in response to customer needs. The flexibility, creativity, and expertise of our team is unmatched.

At Giact Systems Inc, we mean it when we say the customer comes first. We do not measure our success in the cost of our product, but rather in its effectiveness at helping the customer. We understand that each customer's needs are unique. We strive to provide customers with solutions to meet their situations, not “box solutions.” We believe in open communication and honesty, within our company and with the customer. We always strive for the highest quality customer support.

Giact Systems Inc is also dedicated to helping the world at large. We have mentoring programs for both students and aspiring small business owners. We are committed to education and to showing the next generation how a business can look when it is dedicated to its community. Giact Systems Inc has helped the homeless and needy both internationally and at home.

Giact Systems Inc: 10 Years [WC 254]

Giact Systems Inc was founded in 2004. Today, 10 years later, we have surged to the forefront of the risk management services industry. Our commitment to providing a quality service, treating customers with the respect they deserve, and reaching out to our community has seen Giact Systems Inc through a period of sustained double-digit growth.

At Giact Systems Inc, we aim for quality. We don't measure our success in the cost of our service, but the quality. In 2004, Chief Technical Office and Co-Founder Merlin Bise brought over 15 years of software development, architectural, and design experience to Giact Systems Inc. He has been responsible for some of the most important innovations at Giact Systems Inc allowing us to provide our customers the quality service we believe they deserve. We are dedicated to continual innovation that provides powerful results while providing above-and-beyond customer care.

Giact Systems Inc is also committed to community service. Bise and Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Melissa Brown are both personally involved in many nonprofit organizations. Giact Systems Inc encourages all of its employees to be involved in their communities, and provides venues for them to do so. In 2014 after the hurricane devastated areas of the Philippines, Giact Systems Inc sent a team abroad to help rebuild houses. Giact Systems Inc also provides mentoring to young men and women looking to start their own businesses. We have for years offered support to young adults looking to go to college, working their way through college, or just leaving college.

About Giact Systems Inc [WC 256]

Giact Systems Inc is a privately-owned company founded in 2004. Our chief executive officer and co-founder, Melissa Brown, came to Giact Systems Inc with over 20 years of diverse business experiences. Our chief technical officer and co-founder, Merlin Bise, brought over 15 years of software development and design experience to Giact Systems Inc. Under their dual leadership, Giact Systems Inc has soared to the top of the risk management services industry.

At Giact Systems Inc, we help customers assess and manage risk when accepting payments. The past 10 years have seen Giact Systems Inc become an industry leader. Bise's innovations in the technical area, customized to a particular customer's needs, have made Giact Systems Inc unmatched in customer service. Brown's expansion of Giact's market opportunities have allowed us to help more and more customers each year. At Giact Systems Inc, we understand that what works for one customer doesn't necessarily work for another. We are committed to solid communication, honesty, and integrity.

No customer is interchangeable or anonymous at Giact Systems Inc. We help customers across industries gain accurate information on financial risk when accepting payments and figuring out transaction solutions. Our services are secure, user-friendly, and high quality. We measure our success in the quality we provide, not how much we charge.

Giact Systems Inc is also dedicated to giving back to our community, at home and abroad. Giact Systems Inc has sent people and financial support to multiple community service initiatives relating to education, homelessness, access to food and water, and the needs of women.

Giact Systems Inc's A+ Better Business Bureau Rating Since 2009 [WC 251]

Since 2009, Giact Systems Inc has received an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We have worked hard to earn this honor. In the interest of expanding our ideas of what a company can be, Giact Systems Inc is committed not only to superior customer service and quality, but community service, at home and abroad.

At Giact Systems Inc the customer is our first priority. We respect our customers. No customers are interchangeable, anonymous, or replaceable, and we understand that each customer's needs are unique. No one solution will work for everyone, and at Giact Systems Inc we always offer a variety of information to help our customers make the best decisions possible in any given situation. We measure our success not in how much we charge, but in the quality of the service we are able offer. We aim to deliver the powerful information necessary to assess and manage risk when it comes to accepting payments.

Our vision is to offer a quality service that leaves the customer satisfied. We are committed to excellence, honesty, integrity, and open communication, internally and with our customers. We always strive to give the highest quality services. We at Giact Systems Inc have earned our reputation as a trustworthy, professional company who see no reason for customers to settle for less. Our respect for our customers can be seen not only in our past customers' satisfaction, but in the respect we have for human beings in general. At Giact Systems Inc, we help people in more ways than one.

Community Service and Giact Systems Inc [WC 252]

Giact Systems Inc presents a vision for what a different kind of company could look like. Our dedication to providing a quality service is only matched by our commitment to our community at home and abroad. Giact Systems Inc has participated in multiple initiatives and projects to help people in need. We have provided support both financially and through manpower because we are committed to doing what needs to be done. Giact Systems Inc helped provide education and basic human necessities to communities all over the world.

Internationally, Giact Systems Inc has contributed to multiple communities in need. In 2014, the devastating hurricane that struck a large part of the Philippines left many without homes or any place to go. Giact Systems Inc donated money to help rebuild several homes and sent a team abroad to make it happen. Being dedicated to both education and human needs, Giact Systems Inc in 2010 and 2011 sent donations to a struggling college in Nigeria. These funds were used to buy rice and other necessities.

Giact Systems Inc has also contributed to further education initiatives at home. We provide continued support to young men and women who are interested in starting their own businesses. We have also mentored and provided financial support to young adults looking to go to college, working through college, or almost out of college. Our CEO and CTO have also given free mentoring to other community-minded startups. 4 of those companies are now following in Giact Systems Inc's footsteps.